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Thank you for your interest in ShoreSite Designs, a custom website design, development and online marketing firm.

Before beginning any project or providing you with a proposal/price quote, we need a fair idea of the size, scope, and nature of your project. This questionnaire will help to formalize some ideas and establish a relatively clear and understandable vision in regards to your new project.

This document shouldn’t take very long to complete – you may just breeze through it. It does, however, have some crucial questions regarding your new website and online marketing project – it will speed up the beginning process in a huge way.

So please answer the following questions to the best of your ability (and skip any question that does not relate to your project). Thank you!

A Structured Process

Following a system is crucial. When developing a website or web application with ShoreSite Web Designs, the process is made easy. We work with our clients in an intensely accurate manner, so projects are completed on time and within budget.

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